Letter: How can I find out for whom to vote?

Posted5/11/2022 6:00 AM

I am so frustrated. On May 19, early voting will begin for the June primary.

Yet, as of this letter writing on May 5, I have no idea which forest preserve district, which county board district, which state representative district and which state senate district I live in.


I think I'm in the 6th Congressional District but I may be just into the 3rd Congressional District.

I have spent hours searching the DuPage County website, the state of Illinois website and numerous local newspapers' websites to try to find maps that show me how the recent redistricting affected me.

I found a lot of maps from last decade (mostly 2012) but nothing that can help me figure out who I need to research in 2022 so I can be a responsible voter.

The DuPage County Board of Elections does list all the candidates on both the Democratic and Republican ballots, but I have no idea which districts are mine.

How can I be expected to make an informed decision if the first time I see the actual names of candidates on my ballot is when I walk into the early voting balloting booth?

Larry Randa


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