Letter: Where is Rock's apology?

Posted4/1/2022 1:00 AM

I am wondering where the hue and cry is for an apology from Chris Rock to Jada Pinkett Smith. His unscripted non-joke followed two others aimed at people who clearly weren't expecting being the butt of his idea of "funny."

Rock clearly embarrassed her in front of a billion viewers worldwide and several thousand of her peers in that theater. Regardless of whether he knew about Pinkett's autoimmune condition, have we in America not gotten past the age of picking on people? To suggest she is filming a G.I. Jane movie was a huge leap of ignorance. Goodness. Pinkett Smith has willingly been out there promoting her condition to create space for people everywhere who are bald, whatever their reasons. But also she has wanted every younger male and female to know that it is both acceptable to be in public with your natural head and to not feel shame or isolation for it.


On Monday, the same day as the insult, Congress was signing The Crown Act, which is to permit Americans to wear their hair naturally or styled, legally, without fear, interference or shame. Pinkett Smith has been on every possible media about her struggle with Alopecia for two years. How anyone hasn't known this is by choice.

I, as a senior citizen with other autoimmune conditions that cause thinning of my hair, am waiting for Chris Rock's now-long-overdue apology for insulting me and millions of others. Why isn't he being "investigated by the Academy" also? It may not be illegal, but it sure was hurtful.

P. Denise Israel

Barrington Hills

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