Defining 'evil'

Updated 1/17/2022 8:22 PM

I am the "cynical uncle" that you mentioned in the Jan. 2 editorial titled "Evil labels," at least when it comes to affronts against common courtesy and political institutions.

Take, for example, Speaker Nancy Pelosi's dramatic ripping to shreds of President Trump's State of the Union speech, a public and shameless expression of her contempt for him and, arguably, for his presidential authority. Or, how about Sen. Charles Schumer's menacing threats directed against Justices Brett Kavanaugh and Neil Gorsuch, as the senator stood outside the Supreme Court building shouting out his pro-abortion rant. What appropriate word is there to describe such incivility? More importantly, what best describes public desecration of constitutional institutions? I would opt for the word "evil."


Jack Kenesey


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