The Jan. 6 take-away

Posted1/11/2022 1:00 AM

The events of Jan. 6, 2020, are now history, a brutally sad, but quite explainable stain to America democracy and to each and every American, alive or deceased, forever.

Driven by a man devoid of his sworn oath four years earlier to uphold the Constitution, his posse, his henchmen, anyone who was beguiled, pixilated with the drunkenness of The Big Lie and by the love of party or the instigator, over country and oath, the scheme, very well orchestrated, was hatched on that fateful day.


One year later, has the architect, the director, the man who said, "We love you" later to the throng, atoned, shown any remorse? No.

Have his henchmen atoned? No. Doing everything in their power to avoid any attachment or testimony to the events. But over 750 of the rioters/insurrectionists have been arrested and or brought to trial. Imagine the costs, the taxpayer costs, for hunting down the "lemmings."

The take-away? If you are an American, if you are a voter, if you love the Constitution and what it represents and means, if you are a veteran or currently serving with dignity for what the American flag represents, have faith in our Department of Justice that the director and his henchmen are held accountabl in a court of law.

Lastly, never forget. Because there are people, currently serving as congressmen and congressionwomen, and most importantly the man behind it all, who are working hard to attempt to void your memory, if you allow them to do so, of that fateful day.

Jan. 6, 2021, was a brutal test of American democracy and they lost, at least on that infamous day. As an American, you have a responsibility to never forget and do what you can do to insure, it never, ever, happens again.

Mark Stastny

Rolling Meadows

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