Prioritize consolidation

Posted1/9/2022 1:00 AM

There are 90,056 governments in the United States, according to the U.S. Census Bureau.

Illinois taxpayers fund 8,925 units of local government. If all states had the same number of governments as Illinois there would be an increase of 258,094 governments, bringing the U.S. total from 90,056 to 348,150.


Illinois' news media, civic groups and activists have long called for local-government consolidation or elimination. I suggest that the Illinois news media include in their legislative questionnaire for the 2022 elections this question for those seeking office for governor, senator and representative: What is your plan to reduce the size and cost of Illinois' nation leading governments?

The governor and all members of the General Assembly are up for election in 2022. If you are asked to sign a petition ask this question: What is your plan to reduce the size and cost of local government? If they do not have a plan, don't sign the petition.

In 2022, government consolidation must be a top priority. It's all about saving Illinois through property tax relief. Homeowners in Illinois pay $5,500 on a $217,000 home.The United States median is just $1,952 on a $217,000 home. Illinois homeowners will pay $35,000 more to live in their homes over the next 10 years than those living in homes that are taxed at the level in states that have fewer governments.

Bob Anderson

Wonder Lake

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