Justice system turned upside down

Posted1/9/2022 1:00 AM

The Daily Herald nailed it in their assessment of Cook County State's Attorney Kim Foxx's unacceptable performance. However, reading Ms. Foxx's response to the editorial requires a complete suspension of disbelief.

Let's start with the question of why her almost 450-word diatribe is allowed to break the Herald's "Your View" limit of 300 words. In defense of the Herald, one can only imagine the audacity arrows that would have landed on the Editorial Board had they cut a single word of her self-aggrandizing diatribe. I guess important celebrity types like Ms. Foxx need more space to defend their excellent adventure in selective prosecution justice.


Instead of owning any criticism, she immediately spreads it out over the 700-plus assistant state's attorneys in her office. Whatever happened to Harry's "The buck stops here!"?

How did we get here? Simply put, Kim Foxx and several like-minded far-left DAs were installed compliments of George Soros. I'm sure that Mr. Soros proudly embraces the new look where law-abiding citizens are frightened to death.

Previous to this new age justice system, criminals were taken off the street, Smollett-like hate hoaxes didn't get initially overlooked and residents didn't flea cities employing an upside-down justice system.

I remember when we were rooted in a justice system that deterred crime, punished criminal behavior and kept the residents safe. We now feel the emotion of fear as never before. We see assault crimes like beatings, shootings, car-jackings and smash-and-grab festival events spread throughout our communities that embrace the consequential "revolving door" justice system that rewards bad behavior.

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Aren't we lucky to have Kim Foxx and her 700 plus minions dealing the cards?

Lewis Landry


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