What will it take to slow speeders?

Updated 1/8/2022 9:39 AM

Sick at heart and stomach, this letter is being written in hopes that by writing it something will be done to slow down the traffic on Arlington Heights' residential streets. My dad just came for a visit and as he was pulling out onto Oakton, a large pickup truck going way over the 25 mph limit not only didn't slow down but instead sped up to pass him, on the right, on a residential street.

I used to shrug off speeders who pass other cars or honk to possibly move traffic faster on Oakton thinking, "Well, maybe they are late for work or maybe they are speeding to the hospital to get to a dying parent or sick child." But not anymore.


Look around town and you'll see many "slow down" signs placed in parkways by homeowners. Why? Because some drivers drive way over the limit and homeowners want safer streets for themselves and their families.

Speeders are everywhere and on all our residential streets. It's way past time for the village to take some serious actions, any actions, to slow down the speeders and make our neighborhoods safe again for walking, running, bike riding, and for driving.

I called the village asking for help on this when my own children were young and living here and have this past fall submitted a request for help on the village's SeeClickFix app. I have volunteered to help in whatever way I can. But no one from the village has contacted me, not before and not now.

What are we waiting for? A fatal traffic accident involving my World War II veteran dad, or my young grandchildren here for a visit or maybe someone in your family? What will it take for the village to make our streets safe again?

Mary Hahn

Arlington Heights

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