Term limits needed

Updated 1/8/2022 9:39 AM

On March 21, 1947, the 22nd Amendment to the U.S. Constitution set a term limit for the president of the United States. We have 435 Congress representatives, 100 senators and nine Supreme Court justices who need to have term limits enacted on their length of service. Our Founders thought it would be an act of service, not an act that would permit our representatives to serve for multiple terms.

It would be wishful thinking to expect this to happen with the current serving members. Therefore the remedy is to grandfather current members and place limits on the newly elected or appointed members. By establishing term limits such as 12 years for a senator, 10 years for a congressman and 20 years for a Supreme Court justice, we the people would have 535 people that really have the best interest of our country in mind rather than getting re-elected over and over.


It will take several years to roll over all 534, but it will give "we, the people" the voice that in many cases has become a faint whisper.

Ed Gilligan


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