Where is the honor?

Updated 1/8/2022 9:36 AM

Many of our founding fathers regarded Alexander Pope's quote, "Act well your part, there all the honor lies." as a guiding principle for their behavior. They acted with honor and courage knowing that they were putting, not their political careers, but their actual lives on the line.

I wonder what the Fathers would think of the people in the national and state capitals who govern with neither honor nor courage. People on both sides of the aisle.


To our representatives and senators:

If you had honor and courage, you would not mislead the public with sweeping 10-year social programs (most that I support) that are only funded for one year.

If you had honor and courage, you would acknowledge insurrection, condemn it and investigate it all the way to the highest level.

If you had honor and courage, you would care more about your country and its citizens and less about your political careers.

If you had honor and courage, you would apply the same rules to your party that you apply to the opposing party. Whether it is when to appoint a Supreme Court judge or whether to prosecute corruption among your peers. Your word means nothing. Nothing.

To the Republican, Democrat and independent voters:

Let us put in office honorable people. Let's put in office courageous people. People who will prioritize the needs of their country above the needs of their party. Let's withhold our vote from elected officials who have demonstrated that their word means nothing and will dishonor their word whenever it is to their advantage. If we don't vote them out, it must be because we are just like them.

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Act well your part, (as voter and legislator), there all the honor lies.

Angeline Finnigan


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