Just let the next generation deal with it

Posted11/22/2021 1:00 AM

Having lived in Illinois most of my life, and living in probably the most fiscally mismanaged, most politically corrupt and most politically incompetent state, with the most felon governors of any state, I have a serious question: Is anyone going to be responsible for the distribution of the funds Illinois gets?

Now, being serious, I know the answer already. No. There are not enough accountants in Illinois to watch how our allotment is distributed. The amout of payoffs, overcharges, phantom supplies, phantom payrollers, phantom overruns is probably too much to comprehend.


If you have lived in Illinois for any length of time, you have to know this is not far from the truth.

There is no accountability to anyone. By the time anything is actually discovered and proved, those responsible are either dead from old age or have made enough money to keep any legal issue tied up in court until they do pass away.

But, as Alfred E Newman used to say "What, me worry"? The costs will only be passed on to next generations, so who cares about that?

Bill Fehling

Carol Stream

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