Dangerous delusions

Posted11/22/2021 1:00 AM

It is shocking to witness and read the nonsense disseminated in our social media feeds, comment sections and letters to the editor. A disturbing percentage of our fellow citizens are completely disillusioned by debunked, easily fact checked lies, propaganda and conspiracy theories. Americans convinced to reject science, truth, facts, empathy and civility pose the greatest threat to America's democracy, the Constitution and rule of law.

Recent letters to the editor are one example. Writers claiming that the Jan. 6 violent seditious insurrection, planned and incited by the disgraced, twice-impeached former sitting president, abetted by his congressional enablers, was somehow instigated by Barack Obama and Democrats?


Goebbels-style lies claiming that President Biden is somehow guilty of quid pro quo with Ukraine? Nonexistent delusions including the borders being wide open? The coming of "socialism?" That CRT is taught in any of our K-12 schools? The Constitution was written by God? Or that presidents magically control prices in our capitalist system of supply and demand?

Right-wing media figures are fomenting deadly Covid-19 and vaccine misinformation, repeating proven false claims of election fraud conspiracies, promoting vile racist hatred and fear mongering of "the others," be they immigrants, refugees, people of color or the opposing party.

Those same consumers of propaganda support policies against their own economic, social, environmental, labor, consumer, health care and constitutional interests and protections. They are hoodwinked into voting for con artists, demagogues and crooks whose only legislative agenda is to protect and defend the tax evasion scams, corporate welfare and deregulation for the same puppet master oligarchs who fund the propaganda machine and the legalized bribery which keeps the minority in power.

Dear fellow patriotic citizens, whether Democrats, Independents or pragmatic Republicans, these crazies will be voting in the coming elections. Will you?

Bob Janz


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