It's easy to see where federal funds will go

Marni Pyke's recent column posed a question about where the $9.8 million that Illinois is in line to receive from the infrastructure deal is going to go. How long have you lived in Illinois? Where will the money go? I'll provide a few hints as to the disposition of all that money.

First and foremost, a big chunk will be headed into union treasure chests. Their pension funds are so far under water a few billion will be spent as a bailout.

Next to receive funding? Democrat strongholds such as Chicago, Evanston and any other pure "blue" areas will get a significant cut.

Now, a few Republican districts, like RINO Adam Kinsinger will get some funding to repair a few sidewalks here and there.

This entire bill is infested with earmarks and other pork. In Illinois you can always count on federal funding to go straight toward the proper political influences. It has always been this way and will remain so with this bill.

Don Lass


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