Monuments honor true heroes who served

Posted11/13/2021 1:00 AM

Spent the past 30 minutes among the heroes at Abraham Lincoln National Cemetery. Observed crosses of various Christian denominations, Stars of David, Islamic Crescents, Praying Hands, Hearts and Cherubic Angels. Also some without any designation, but all were engraved with some sort of prayer, notation of peace at their final resting place and a promise to be kept in eternal memory. They are free of the turmoil of the world and the pain that led them to this place.

Typical of the military, they are in tight rows, standing tall among those with whom they served and those who served before and after them. Duty, loyalty, honor, something in short supply today; no Democrats, Republicans, or race or ethnic labels, just true American heroes who answered the nation's call to service and did so honorably.


These heroes put to shame the "armchair patriots" of recent times who have never served or dedicated their very lives to maintain the American lifestyle we all enjoy.

These living monuments are throughout the country. Everyone should visit one at some time to give thanks and to remember that the Constitution not only guarantees specific freedoms, but it also requires us provide for the welfare of the nation's citizens and their various collective needs. The women, men, brothers, sisters, moms and dads interred here deserve our honor and respect.

Michael Dunne


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