Offensive whiners

Updated 11/7/2021 4:18 PM

Animal activist group PETA is offended by the sport term "bullpen." The origin of the term refers to the area where bulls are held before slaughter. PETA does a lot of good, important work, but somebody there had time on their hands to come up with this one.

Personally, I think the term is appropriate regarding the Cubs but, then again, I'm not that much of a sports fan ... sad but true.


If the sports world caves to this ridiculousness, what's next? Math fans objecting to the first, second, third, fourth quarter? Second half? Clergy against the term "sin bin" or Knitters against the term "sweater"?

By the by, those last two are hockey slang. How about financial institutes against "bank shot"? Coroners against "dead ball"? Or, Homeland Security balking at "interception"?

I dislike a lot of terms, especially the vulgar ones, but the ridiculous whiners offended by stupid stuff really offend me.

DeLynn Winkelman

Arlington Heights

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