State defies parents on abortion

Updated 11/7/2021 4:16 PM

I find it totally reprehensible that the state has the nerve to repeal parental notification, which now allows minor children 18 and under to get an abortion without a parent's consent or being notified.

It's amazing that one has to be 18 and over to vote, to drink, buy cigarettes and anything else, but minor children can now have an abortion without a parent's notification.


At school, the nurse can't even give a minor an aspirin or any medication without the consent of a parent or approval of physician

So, minor children will now go for abortions and the abortion center/doctor does not even know the medical history of this minor, so what's going to happen when there are complications?

Who do the parents sue? The doctor, the state or both?

So, parents, please pay attention to your daughters and see if there are any changes with their habits indicating they're pregnant and do something about it.

So the blood will be on the state's and others' hands when things go south with a minor who aborts.

John Moravecek


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