Leave party out of county redistricting

Posted10/15/2021 1:00 AM

Regarding the article "DuPage County Board members at odds over remap," Ms. Chavez has asked for an alternative district map to be drawn. Mr. Zay has stated that the district map was redrawn with the intent to keep county commissioners and fire district commissioners in their current districts if possible. Mr. Zay states that the committee is not clear on what Ms. Chavez wants, so I will offer a suggestion as to what I would like.

No political party should be considered in the mapping of the county.


Draw the district map with absolutely no regard as to where the current commissioners live. Keeping the 1% difference in population between districts and keeping communities contiguous is the objective, but don't have any regard for where current commissioners live especially since all are up for reelection next year.

It probably will keep most of the commissioners in their district. There might be a problem if two commissioners currently live very close to each other along a border between districts.

By drawing the district map with no regard to current commissioners. the map will be fair to everyone.

Mary Ann McCarthy

Downers Grove

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