Afghan immigrants coming as dependents

Updated 9/9/2021 9:44 AM

I found your editorial "Letter from a new home" somewhat amusing. It is evident that no one at the Daily Herald did much research, since the majority of the Afghanistan immigrants do not have verifiable papers, hence we have no idea who they are or what their intentions are. The vast majority did very little, or in fact, did nothing to deserve the welcome that you offered. The majority of them speak no English and the states that have been saddled with them do not have any interpreters to assist them. The interpreters, and some American citizens have been left behind in Afghanistan because we have an "incompetent" administration.

Add this fiasco to the hundreds and thousands of illegal immigrants crossing the Southern border and you are structurally changing our country into a giant "welfare state."


Please, do not apologize to anyone for what you have the audacity to call "small minds." How dare you castigate anyone that does not have the "open arms" that you appear to have.

Will they be living next door to you? Will your American children have fewer educational opportunities because of the need to provide hands-on care for the immigrants that do not speak English? How much of your tax dollars are you personally willing to provide for these immigrants that require housing, education, health care? They come to our country as dependents.

From a woman who understands the world and knows that the United States of America cannot have open arms for everyone who would like to live here. I do not apologize for my own personal thoughts and feelings.

Dorothy Connors


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