When does cave-in to cancel culture cease?

The recent Mount Prospect Village Trustee vote to remove the police patch is a disgrace. The four trustees who voted to remove the patch either willfully support Marxist woke cancel culture or caved in to it. The police in this country have been under verbal, economic and physical assault for several years due to this Marxism and now for their uniform to be stripped of a patch that was chosen by them only a few years ago and that they take great pride in, is just one more (non)-verbal assault on them.

To those four trustees who voted to get rid of the patch, once a new patch is chosen, if that is somehow co-opted by unsavory individuals or groups or if a group finds it offensive in some way, will you be getting rid of that patch, too? And will it then continue on and on that way? When will the phenomenon of being offended, victimized and wronged by all manner of common words, symbols and actions cease? This is what Marxism does, it perpetually divides people by race, gender, class, etc.

Abraham Lincoln once said, "If destruction be our lot, it will not come from outside our country, but from within; we must be its author and finisher" I pray that people rise up to stop this destructive Marxist ideology.

Chris Preston

Mount Prospect

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