Metra ignoring mask mandate

Posted8/4/2021 1:00 AM

Metra has admitted in its responses to my many complaints, including one signed by safety director Hilary Konczal, that it does not enforce the mask mandate on Metra trains. There are signs and announcements, but if a passenger doesn't wear a mask, the crew is prohibited by Metra from removing them from the train or even arguing with the scofflaws.

As a result, and especially in the evenings and on weekends, many if not most passengers are not wearing masks. The TSA guidelines state specifically that public transportation providers are required at a minimum to make best efforts not to sell tickets to, allow to board or allow to remain on the transport unless they are wearing masks.


I am not sure why this issue has been ignored but it is time to stop Metra's practice of endangering the health and welfare of passengers and crews and helping to spread the Delta variant through the Chicago metropolitan area.

Lynne Duffey

Villa Park

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