Consider all the facts that matter

Posted7/20/2021 1:00 AM

In the Sunday, July 11, Facts Matter column, Bob Oswald dances around some facts as usual. Mr. Oswald is correct that Ashli Babbit was struck in the left shoulder, not her head. Another fact is the 14-year unarmed Air Force veteran is dead. Seems like a big price to pay for trying to go through a door. The former president was wrong per the shot location, he was correct as to zero follow up on the person that fired the shot.

Oswald moves ahead to social media posts and the delta variant of the coronavirus and vaccinations. The columnist is quick to point out data of other illnesses and age of the vaccinated. I do not recall any of these facts being reported in the death numbers leading up to the November election. I do recall our current vice president stating she would not get the vaccine if President Trump was involved. That is a fact.


He comes to the aid of Nancy Pelosi and the Capitol investigation. The same Nancy Pelosi who stated, "Illinois' fiscal problems are because of a Republican governor before Pritzker." Or "Wall Street comes out in masse with money against Democrats every election." These two statements are two of many in PolitiFact, which Bob likes to refer to, as false.

Finally, Bob is quick to come to the rescue of the U.S. women's soccer team and the flag. It seems to be correct the team did not turn away from a 98-year-old veteran. This is the same team that had 9 out of 11 starters kneel during the anthem in the Netherlands last November. The same team that 7 of 11 knelt in January in Columbia. Maybe his column header should be changed to Some Of The Facts Matter.

John Murray

Elk Grove Village

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