DuPage Auditor recount a costly charade

Posted7/19/2021 1:00 AM

Former DuPage County Auditor Bob Grogan's entire case is based on invalidating legitimate voters. He is hoping a judge will reject over 500 votes of those who cast ballots in person on Election Day 2020 at the First Christian Church polling site in Downers Grove. Doing so would place him one vote ahead of Bill White. Certified results in the Nov. 3 election gave White a 75-vote lead.

Grogan is basing his argument on an obsolete technicality that ballots must be initialized by an election judge. This law was created decades ago during the punch card days when all ballots looked exactly the same and stuffing the ballot box was easier. Today, all in-person voters on Election Day check in using an electronic poll pad where two election judges place initials.


Paper ballots are distinct for each precinct. Initials are not required on mail ballots or touch-screen ballots. Grogan argues that all legitimate voters -- Republican and Democrat -- who voted on Election Day on paper in that polling place must be disenfranchised.

Further, he expects the taxpayers to foot the bill for a recount, although Illinois law clearly requires the petitioner place a bond for the cost of the recount. Should the petitioner win, he or she is not charged for the recount. Grogan expects election judges to work for free in his recount instead of paying them for weeks of labor.

DuPage County taxpayers already paid for a two-week discovery recount of 25 percent of ballots last December during COVID conditions, costing taxpayers $100,000. The recount did not show evidence that would alter the certified results from November. Unlike previous recounts in DuPage, more than 100,000 ballots were held up one at a time, front and back. This was a costly process, and it's time for this charade to end.

Jeff Gahris


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