Let Taiwan help the world fight COVID-19

Updated 5/13/2021 11:25 AM

The Daily Herald rightly stated, "Help us all. Do your part." (Editorial: Do your part; get the COVI-19 vaccination) With Illinois' help, Taiwan can help the health of all.

Taiwan has been successful in containing COVID-19. At the pandemic's first outbreak, Taiwan was expected to be among the most severely affected by the epidemic. Yet, Taiwan virtually halted the disease within its borders. Moreover, life and work have continued much as normal for the majority of the population.


Democratic Taiwan has fought COVID-19 since its first case in January 2020. After facing down the 2003 SARS outbreak, Taiwan in 2020 activated its "Taiwan Model" of COVID-19 containment. With a robust health system, rigorous testing strategies, information transparency and public-private partnerships, Taiwan's response to COVID-19 has been a world success story. Taiwan has also mitigated the economic impact of COVID-19, maintaining the balance between people's right to know and personal privacy and freedom while still prioritizing the protection of disadvantaged groups.

As part of the international community, Taiwan seeks meaningful participation in the World Health Organization (WHO), including attendance as an observer at the World Health Assembly (WHA) convening May 24.

Meaningful participation will enable Taiwan to help others fight COVID-19 and ensure health rights when future pandemics arise.

Diseases respect no borders. Taiwan wants to share its experience and has generously provided anti-pandemic assistance to countries in need, including the United States. Taiwan's model could help control COVID-19 and new variants. Let Taiwan attend the WHA for the health of all. Let Taiwan help!

Johnson S. Chiang, Director General

Taipei Economic and Cultural Office in Chicago

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