Justice is served (if I agree)

Updated 5/4/2021 8:36 AM

It's official. Derek Chauvin is guilty on all charges. Justice is served. Or is it? There is very little doubt in anyone's mind that Chauvin was truly guilty of excessive force. His arrogance and unnecessary extended force were obvious. He's a creep. I'm not taking exception with that. However, you can be sure that there are many Americans who believe that a guilty verdict on all counts was also excessive.

I personally accept the verdict as justice not because of what I personally believe but because the case followed the legal process and came to a conclusion based on the evidence and the jury's unanimous decision. Unfortunately, I am also convinced that any verdict short of "guilty of all charges" would have been considered by many as a blatant injustice resulting in massive protests and possible criminal destruction of property.


In today's environment, "justice" seems to occur only when the outcome agrees with the protester's point of view.

This is not just an issue with the Chauvin case. It's occurring in every controversial issue in society and politics. People are being accused, adjudicated, sentenced and executed before any legal proceedings have occurred. Just ask any famous person who has been verbally accused of any inappropriate or criminal behavior.

My main point is to implore people to allow our legal system to work before rushing to judgment. If you believe inappropriate misconduct regarding the investigation or trial proceedings took place, then protest those issues ... not the outcome. Protesting, civil disobedience and criminal destruction after a verdict is the equivalent of protesting the outcome of a sporting event (or national election) just because your side lost.

By the way, I'm considering organizing a rally in protest of the White Sox losing the last game in the series with the Red Sox. Anyone interested in joining me?

Jerry Phillips


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