Chauvin silences should be addressed

Updated 5/4/2021 8:36 AM

Now that the Derrick Chauvin trial is over and the implications being dissected, there are several appalling silences.

One, Derrick Chauvin's family was clearly unable or unwilling to offer ongoing support throughout the trial. They, too, have been damaged by the past year and deserve our compassion and support. Yet no one seems to be offering them prayers for recovery.


Two, Chauvin is an ex-cop in a state pen. He is surrounded by, among others, lots of angry, violent Black men and can only be offered a limited amount of protective isolation. While his conduct was egregious, the risks to his life and safety are also wrong. Something needs to be done to ensure he does not become a victim and a martyr in his own right.

Finally, the bystander witnesses have clearly been traumatized by this whole experience. The City of Minneapolis should be providing all of the counseling and support services they require. We cannot ask people to be witness to violence and then drop them by the wayside to get along on their own.

We need to expand the conversation beyond policing and the Floyd family to encompass the entire impact of the events of May 25, 2020.

Jamie Smith


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