Constitution can be updated on gun rights

Updated 4/30/2021 5:12 PM

I was impressed by the message in the Opinion page visual of April 20. It depicted a shrouded figure of death looking at a map of recent mass shootings. The figure was heavily armed and asking "where to, next?" Little did I know this would be answered later that day.

At noon, the news contained information that an employee had killed a store manager and wounded two other people in New York. The line from a 1960s folk song has been echoing through my brain ever since. "When will they ever learn?"


How can some politicians keep defending unrestricted gun rights when we are constantly bombarded with mass shootings and killings?

They keep citing the Second Amendment as if it is a sacred right. We have amended the Constitution over two dozen times and have even reversed one amendment with another.

The Constitution is a living document which was meant to be changed to reflect our changing country. The Second Amendment of 1791 is based on the necessity of "a well regulated Militia." We have progressed far away from the need for a militia.

When will we ever learn?

Royce M. Blackwell


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