Kinzinger's real motive

Posted3/19/2021 1:00 AM

Adam Kinzinger has emerged as the liberal media's newest hero for his recent epiphany and conversion to never Trumper status. The narrative about Kinzinger's character is that he is a principled politician who has seen the light regarding the President Trump's activities, such as challenging the election results, after the election. As the story unfolds Kinzinger was so distraught that he, in good conscience, was moved to vote to impeach the former president, notwithstanding the fact that he was content for the past four years to bask in Mr. Trump's popularity with the Republican base.

I submit that the epiphany he had after November had nothing to do with the election and its aftermath but was over the results of the 2020 census. It has been reported that Illinois will lose at least one and maybe two seats in Congress. Kinzinger's 16th District covers most of Chicago exurbia. It doesn't take a Karl Rove to figure out that the 16th district is going to be a target of Democrats', in Springfield, redistricting efforts this year. The 16th district will be carved up like a Christmas goose and the carcass will be populated by a majority of democrat voters.


Just recently, March 11, Rep. Kinzinger went full RINO, joined nine other Republicans and voted with Democrats on a bill that will vastly expand required background checks on gun purchasers. One has to wonder that, in order to save his political career in congress, if he will change his party affiliation before November 2021. Good luck, Rep. Kinzinger.

Dave Van Singel

Long Grove

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