New approach needed in some townships

Updated 2/28/2021 2:26 PM

After interviewing five of the nine township slates in Du­Page County for Deep Dive DuPage on Facebook, one thing is clear: Many currently elected officials are not doing the job they were elected to do. I, for one, am very glad to see so many Democrats running against these majority Republican-run Townships. Here are some of the issues that concern me:

In some cases, budgets are out of whack. Over 40% of one township's budget covers salaries with only 6% earmarked for general services. Isn't the mission of the townships to provide general services to residents in need? This same township just voted their elected officials a salary increase of 43%, which results in the supervisor's salary increasing by roughly $25,000.


At a different township, the budget for office supplies is $57,000 for the year, yet the budget for mental health services is only $10,000. This is an entity whose very existence is to provide services to the community.

Many townships require you submit a Freedom of Information request to even see their budgets.

One common thread that all the townships share is that it appears many residents are unaware of the general services available to them. Another common complaint is that websites do not provide adequate information or are difficult to navigate.

We need to do better for our taxpayers. When the least fortunate among us can thrive, just think how much better the entire community will be. Let's elect people to these positions who truly believe in the mission for which they are elected.

Republicans have had decades to do measurable good in their communities, but have failed miserably. A Democratic sweep of these townships will effect real change and provide meaningful services.

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Holly Hootman, Co-host

Deep Dive DuPage


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