Where are all those doses of vaccine?

Updated 2/22/2021 8:45 PM

I have to wonder where the statistics come from that were cited in the Herald's front page story about the number of COVID doses given in Illinois. The article identifies over 83,000 doses being administered on Feb. 19 alone and over 246,000 doses received by the state over the past week. I would ask, where are they?

I'm in suburban Cook, over 65, and have registered on about as many sites as there are available to receive a shot. On the Cook County vaccine site there was no information sent out from the time I registered in late January until yesterday, when they notified that there would be limited shots available at Triton College.


There were about 100 shots available and were taken in under two minutes. The Walgreens site says that shots are "not available within 25 miles of your area for the next 3 days" every single day for 3 weeks now. DuPage Medical Group has absolutely no vaccine distribution scheduling even though they have a sign up for it and Northshore Connect advised that it was time to make a vaccine appointment only to state that no appointments were available on their website.

Seems the Herald is getting its numbers from the same people who counted the number of COVID cases and deaths over the past year and may need to dig further to get some accurate figures.

Alan Boffice

Elk Grove Village

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