We're running low on statesmen

Updated 2/22/2021 8:45 PM

I can remember times when both major political parties had leaders where some members were statesmen instead of politicians that offered ideas and solutions and were elected on this along with the ability to implement them. Based on results, they would continue to be elected to represent us. There were times when these statesmen joined together with "like minded" members of the opposition party to achieve mutual versions of common reasonable goals and how to achieve them.

During these times my family would go to both parties hospitably functions and while the kids enjoyed hot dogs and cokes we would listen to ideas and proposed solutions to various "challenges" of the times.


Along with my brothers we grew up with similar ideals and are now are retired. Times have changed where there are few statesmen and they are certainly the minority in both parties. The political environment is different with leadership positions occupied by politicians that promote the "blame game" along with questionable agendas to please various political factions.

During the last 50 years and prior there has been a lot of challenges where choices have been made allowing our country to flourish and my bothers and me to retire. Current challenges we face individually along with our country and the world will require leadership by example and leadership by statesmen!

Mike Krauss


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