How to target stimulus money

Updated 2/22/2021 8:45 PM

In a previous letter, a writer expressed how the government is not targeting the stimulus to those who truly need it. I totally agree, but rather than wait for the government to solve that problem, you have the freedom and power to do it yourself.

Those fully employed, retired or receiving pensions, including myself, who receive a stimulus can donate it directly to someone you know who can use that extra money.


There are agencies, like Arlington Cares that helps with rent, or multiple food banks, church programs, PADS, Feed the Children, and so many local or national organizations where you can put your unneeded or undeserved stimulus to better use. Why, you can simply hand a minimum-wage earner or front-line worker a big tip and watch how big their smile is.

All you need is the desire to give up what you feel you should not have received.

Diane Crawford

Arlington Heights

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