Tone down rhetoric and seek solutions

Posted2/21/2021 1:00 AM

Allen Klay's letter on Feb. 14 brought up an interesting fact that I researched further. He said that there were record numbers of people on welfare during the Obama administration. I looked it up and the reason was that under the Obama administration, states were allowed to waive work requirements to participate in the food stamp program.

I agree with Allen Klay. Those who participate in that program should be trying to work. What I don't agree with is his rhetoric.


We should be discussing and debating these ideas, not calling the other side names. I am proud to say that I voted for Joe Biden, because I think he was the better of the two candidates. I also voted for George Bush and Barack Obama.

Does that mean that I will support every policy that Biden puts out there? No. But, apparently some people will lump me in one big group and then call me a sleaze. Nice.

Additionally, climate change is a real issue. Instead of whining about a move toward green energy, where are the writer's suggested solutions? According to, the average solar installer salary is $74,408. I don't think that is bad. What am I missing?

I agree too that we want to be energy independent. Perhaps we can get there with solar power. If critics have children as I do, I would imagine they would want to try. Let's tone down the rhetoric, stop lumping people in groups and calling each other names and start discussing the issues and coming up with solutions. Isn't that what Americans do?

Laura Morgan


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