Grateful pedestrians

Posted2/21/2021 1:00 AM

Kudos to the Ela Township Sanitation District and Lake Zurich for the great job of keeping the sidewalks in the town and along Old Rand Road and Route 22 clear for us pedestrians. As a dog owner and apartment dweller, I do not have the luxury of opening the back door to let the dog out. So I have to walk my dog every day. Having the sidewalks cleared makes it a lot easier.

My dog and I enjoy our walks every day. We especially like our early morning walks. I live right next to the Lake Zurich Police Department and my dog and I usually walk up Old Rand into town and make our rounds saying hello to our friends on Main Street and back home. Having the sidewalks cleared makes this much more pleasant. So I appreciate your hard work making this possible.


Shirley Burnson

Lake Zurich

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