Madigan just a beginning

Updated 1/8/2021 11:45 AM

Maybe the citizens of Illinois have become immune to the workings of our state government. The seemingly never ending micro- and macro-corruption scandals, pay-to-play politicking, never ending tax and fee increases and the general feeling of Illinois being on a downward spiral has become background noise.

The Dec. 20 "12 suburban Democrats say no to Madigan" article has the tone that there will finally be something to take down the fulcrum of Illinois government dysfunction. But Mr. Madigan is only one person (albeit a unique one).


Oz still stood after the wizard left. Removing Madigan's influence sounds like a step in the right direction for Illinois. Even so, maybe the citizens of Illinois should take a step back and look at how our state ended up being so fiscally dysfunctional.

Management would've been fired or the company dissolved long ago if our state government were a company. Any state representative should be embarrassed and angry on what is happening under their management. Angry and disappointed for all the good things that cannot be done because of restrictions imposed by state's crushing debt and how the day to day process of government works.

Guilty of something or not, I hope that the machinations around the vilified wicked representative of the Southwest Side 22nd District serve as a rallying cry to work on what can be changed for the better going forward. Hope does not have a past, it only has a future.

Dan Flavin

Hoffman Esates

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