Don't burden children with coal-ash problem

Updated 12/10/2020 9:38 AM

Amid the election and the pandemic, an issue that may not be on most readers' radar is the recent rule-making process around coal ash in our state.

While many may not be aware, it should be a concern for the future of all of Illinois' children.


We need to ensure safe and clean groundwater and waterways for future generations. The fact coal-ash dumps and fills are located both on Lake Michigan (a source of water for hundreds of communities in Illinois, including my own) and along all the major waterways, rule-making affects all of us.

We need Gov. Pritzker's Pollution Control Board to focus on environmental justice for communities at risk now and later.

Our children and future generations should not be asked to pay for the environmental, health and financial costs of the coal industry. This means the industry cannot be the gatekeepers for their own activities.

Rule-making should demand accountability now. This means rules that address coal-ash fills so they do not remain ticking time bombs.

Kendall Busse

Lake Zurich

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