Flag is not a toy

Posted11/21/2020 1:00 AM

I have been tolerant of neighbors and businesses who ignore the code on how to display and treat the U.S. Flag. Those who display the flag at night without illumination and continue to display a weathered and tattered banner are my pet peeves.

I am cognizant that the U.S. Flag Code has no force of law. But basic respect is not difficult.


However, the manner in which I saw "MAGA-maniacs" treat our nation's flag has been appalling. A young man wore our flag as a cape while waving high a flag for his candidate. A woman wore our flag as a scarf. A young couple sat on a bench and allowed our flag to sit on the ground. A vehicle carried attached American flags around the side of his truck while his candidate's flag waved higher above them all. Flags were waved with their candidate's face imprinted upon the face of our flag. There were dozens of other insults displayed during the television broadcasts.

Many scolded the flag burners of the 60s but are silent on the politicization and disrespect imposed upon the Flag of the United States in this decade. Maybe the flag code is obsolete, but the respect for those who died defending our flag is symbolized by the deference we give to our flag. We must chastise those who treat our flag as a political toy.

James Dixon

Lake in the Hills

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