Wealth in contrast

Posted11/20/2020 1:00 AM

Two Daily Herald stories caught my eye one recent morning. I literally got tears in my eyes when I read how Joe and Mary Slawek, owners of FONA International, willingly shared their excess profits of $7 million with their employees. Their joy was evident in this tangible expression of generosity, as was the joy and appreciation of those who worked so hard during this pandemic to earn them this money. If only more members of the 1% club could see the benefits of sharing their wealth.

On the other hand, there is Jeff Bezos asking for a two million dollar tax break to put his new grocery store in Arlington Heights; a store which will put other smaller stores out of business. And who benefits from this? Jeff Bezos, the man who has made more money than anyone else in these trying times.


How much money does one man need?

Mary Wolf

West Chicago

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