Democracy in trouble

Updated 10/27/2020 8:41 AM

A recent letter stated that Trump offers the only hope for America. If true, American democracy is finished. Trump utilizes corrupt tactics to enhance his power and undermine the Constitution. This year, he fired inspector generals who investigated his administration and oversaw a militarized response to a peaceful protest in Washington D.C. Trump claims he is the "law and order" president. However, he incites violence with divisive, racist rhetoric and support of white militia extremists.

Trump acts like an authoritarian ruler, not a democratically-elected president. He uses the power of the presidency to benefit him, his family's interests and his rich and powerful friends. He calls the press the "enemy of the people" and undermines our national intelligence agencies and the FBI, claiming they're corrupt and only he is trustworthy. He has insulted our military veterans, alienated our allies, threatened NATO's future and dropped us from the World Health Organization amid a pandemic.


Trump's failed response to COVID-19 has wrecked the economy and already taken over 190,000 American lives. Trump wants to abolish the Affordable Care Act, which ensures that young people up to age 26 and those with preexisting conditions can secure insurance coverage.

He's also undermining Social Security and Medicare funding by politicizing a payroll tax cut -- one that would wipe out Social Security in three to four years if Trump keeps his promise to eliminate this tax.

His disgraceful tactics to help him win in November include scaring voters, suppressing votes, disrupting the postal service and lying about the "threat" of voter fraud.

Voting for Joe Biden in November is critical. He is a true patriot of solid character who can surround himself with good, highly competent people to put this country back on track. American democracy cannot survive a second Trump term.

Jim Friedmann

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