The issue isn't trust

Posted10/25/2020 1:00 AM

Your endorsement for a no vote on the fair tax amendment is such a disappointment. You wasted 211 words on an irrelevant constitutional amendment from 40 years ago that didn't work out as well as it should have. What does that have to do with righting a 50-year wrong in the Constitution and changing the flat tax to a progressive tax? Didn't anyone on your editorial staff point out that the flat tax creates a total tax burden that is greater on lower and middle incomes than it is on the very rich? The tax burden on everyday ordinary Illinoisans is currently 14% and the tax burden on the millionaires and billionaires it is only 7%. That isn't fair.

You say it is impossible to say what will happen if amendment passes. One thing you don't have to speculate on if it passes is the state will gain $3 billion dollars a year. You say it is impossible to say what would happen if the amendment fails. The income tax rate on all Illinois taxpayers could go up 20% if it fails, from 4.95% to 5.95%. Why? Because in your own words, "Given the magnitude of the state's debt...." That debt goes nowhere without passing the amendment.


Forget about whether you can trust the people in Springfield. We have had the flat tax for 50 years through administrations from both sides of the aisle. It isn't the current administration that has single-handedly gotten us into financial trouble, but the flat tax has definitely hindered all administrations since 1970 from getting us out of it.

Diane Niesman


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