Casten has been an accessible congressman

Posted10/22/2020 1:00 AM

Democrat Sean Casten earned my vote in 2018 and will again this November. Before, I'd selected Republicans for the Sixth District. An independent voter, this is why I now support Casten. Even if my representative and I disagree, what's important is their accessibility. Constituents must be able to communicate with representatives. Sean Casten has shown me that he's the most accessible congressman we've had.

After the 2018 Parkland massacre, Downers Grove High School students organized a March for Our Lives event and invited representatives and candidates to speak. Our former representative failed to show. But Sean Casten attended, spoke and marched with his family.


Other students organized a March For Our Lives town hall at a Glen Ellyn church and invited our representative and his challenger. The packed crowd was civil and the students expressed their concerns. But only Sean Casten showed. When concerns or questions arose, Casten listened and discussed proposed solutions. It was a welcome display of constituent-representative dialogue.

Sean Casten held more than 20 in-person town halls before the pandemic. The one I attended, sure, there were the approving questions. But when detractors asked tough questions, Sean Casten heard them out, explained his thoughts or even agreed that some topics deserved further attention.

After Jeanne Ives announced her candidacy, I followed her Facebook page to learn more. When Ives posted something I disagreed with, I let her know why. I was blocked. Blocking potential constituents from receiving candidate communications is the opposite of being accessible and is a sign of what's to come from Ives.

For this reason, I find her unqualified to serve the people. I encourage everyone in the Sixth District to vote. Vote for a true "representative," Sean Casten.

Gregory Reasor


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