Yes, I, too am tired, but it's not because of Trump

Posted10/18/2020 1:00 AM

Tired of the hate, division and fear tactics of this political season. Sunday's Daily Herald Our View endorsed Biden for president. It was an illogical hit piece against President Trump, one of the worst and most disingenuous I've seen.

Yes, I am tired but don't have the advantage of a full page of Trump positives and Biden negatives to counter the unfair Our View, so I will concentrate on three issues:


Strong leadership: The Democrats keep decrying Trump's "ineptitude" re: the COVID-19 response, but Fauci said no one could have done a better job. Trump has been very strong against China, our No. 1 threat. How do you think Biden would handle China?

Trump has led in bringing back jobs, many lost to China during the BO/Biden administration and pushed through the great USMCA Trade Agreement. This has benefited Americans of all races and ethnicities. For Ukraine, Trump sent weapons to fight the Russians while BO/Biden sent blankets and Biden threatened them in order to benefit his family by millions.

Voter integrity: The Democrats have continually downplayed voter fraud. Conversely, Trump has warned about massive fraud with mail-in voting (not absentee voting) and I know he is correct in his warnings. CBS reported on 134 felony cases of vote harvesting in Texas, a West Virgina mail carrier admitted to ballot fraud and Florida, Missouri and North Carolina do not believe fraud is merely a nominal threat due to their own experiences with fraud.

Division in the country: The only division Trump has sewn is between the globalists/socialists/progressives and us normal patriotic Americans who prefer not to see our beloved country destroyed by the aforementioned. The Biden Manifesto is an attack on our great country.

Sara Schmidt

Des Plaines

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