COVID-19 should have given Trump humility

Updated 10/14/2020 12:07 PM

The president's full recovery is what I want and is what everyone I know wants, no matter their political leanings or feelings about him.

As of Oct. 5, he appears to have responded well to treatment by a team of world-class physicians.


Donald Trump should be so thankful, so humbled by the fact that his doctors have brought him to a point where he will very likely survive this deadly disease. So why does he use the gift of his recovery as a false show of strength and invincibility in the service of political gain?

Before immediately entering the White House, he removes his mask, poses with a strained expression as he appears to be experiencing moments of labored breathing. Earlier, he exclaimed that he now knows what COVID-19 is.

You would think that he would have some idea about COVID's horrid consequences months ago when he was reliably told about it or when he glanced at the non-fake news that told of the 211,000 who have died because of this unforgiving germ. Of course, he hadn't contacted it yet.

A man who should be humble and thankful that he is able to walk into the White House needs to be a reverent man who cares about us and tells the truth!

Larry J. Powitz

Arlington Heights

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