Doing homework on Middle East peace

Updated 10/1/2020 8:42 AM

Evidently, Writer Debra J. Saunders isn't doing the in-depth research as necessary for her very partisan articles. The agreement signed between Israel, United Arab Emirates, and Bahrain is not ending "the bloody, bloody sands" as Trump claimed. Those two countries have never been in struggles with Israel and there hasn't been "bloody, bloody sands" in any dessert area of the Middle East in the past century as the great exaggerator with limited knowledge of history likes to portray.

Jared Kushner used the leverage of selling military weapons to those countries in exchange for their signatures. This was an arms deal that was totally unnecessary since they aren't technically enemies of Israel. This is in fact a total public relations setup to impress Trump's evangelical core and anyone else easily influenced, who doesn't fact check. And, yes. Trump is hoping that like Obama, he too can get a Nobel Peace Prize so he has one more thing to crow about. As if, he - Donald Trump - had anything to do with the latest perpetration of smoke and mirrors.


Our arms deal with Bahrain and UAE also gives the Saudi-led insurgents more weapons to use against the Yemen genocide. Readers might recall the executive order Trump signed, going around our own non-partisan congressional ban on arms to be sold to the Saudi government. Trump himself sold military jets and weapons to the Crown Prince just after the horrendous murder of journalist Jamal Khashoggi. Our intelligence services have evidence that the prince ordered that murder, yet Trump said he believed the Saudi's denial and sold him the weapons.

The Middle East is a tangled web and no American should think that Trump or any other individual is capable of bringing true peace to that region. Only those countries can solve that.

Denise Israel

Barrington Hills

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