Keep signature current for mail-in voting

Posted9/20/2020 1:00 AM

Much has been written and said about mail-in voting. Allow me to add the following: The idea that mail-in voting is potentially rife with fraud is nonsense, but that is not to say there are no inherent problems. It is my understanding that over five hundred thousand mail-in ballots were discarded nationally in last spring's primary elections. That is to say that over a half-million people wrongly assumed their mail-in ballots were counted. Most were discarded because they were improperly filled out, improperly signed or it was judged that their signatures did not match what was on file.

Speaking for myself, due to an inherited tremor, I know for certain that my signature today no longer matches my signature when I first registered to vote in Cook County so many years ago.


Here's the good news: I found that there is a form that one can fill out in order to update your signature. It can be found at then scroll down to "New Signature Update Form." I do not understand why this is not publicized to a much greater extent.

Ron Coppel


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