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Updated 9/19/2020 12:24 PM

I am writing to support Judge Hansen in his candidacy for Circuit Judge.

I have known Justin Hansen for several years. I am supporting him now for the same reason I agreed to help him when he approached me about his campaign committee: he is the best person for the job.


Over the past year or so, Judge Hansen has built his campaign from the ground up. He did not have a political background or a bank of political capital to reply upon. He has no prior experience as a politician. This is not a political win for him. Rather, Justin wants to stay on the bench because it is what he is good at -- his experience, integrity and community service all lend themselves to him being a great judge for our community.

We built his campaign around these same qualities. Judges are not allowed to campaign on issues and they cannot prejudge cases; so we have focused on the merits of his appointment, the quality of his work, his integrity and his community service. These are some of the reasons why I have helped and supported him. They are the reasons our community will benefit if he stays on the bench. I hope they are also the reasons that you will vote for him in November.

Mary Miller

Crystal Lake

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