The Trump record

Updated 9/19/2020 12:24 PM

President Trump: Five deferments for a phony bone spur to avoid serving his country; large number of true American patriots resigned or he fired; Promised manufacturing jobs in the Midwest would increase -- they decreased; America's deficit rose $3 trillion in his first three years (all prior to the pandemic); His tax cuts benefited the wealthy and corporations; tries to abolish Obamacare, no plan to replace it; Got played by Kim Jong Un in nuclear negotiations; Putin's patsy; won't believe Russia interfered in the 2016 Election, believing Putin's denials; Alienated our allies; No response when told Russia paid the Taliban to kill U.S. soldiers; Pulled troops out of Syria, backstabbing our ally, the Kurds, who killed ISIS terrorists for America; Denies severity of COVID-19 pandemic threat; 240,000 dead by Nov 3; Won't wear a mask, continues jammed together rallies; nonstop lying to us; Used soldiers for photo op at a church, with Bible as a prop; Says our free press is "The Enemy of the People"; won't believe in climate change; reduced environmental regulations, hurting our air and water quality; five bankruptcies; Won't disclose tax returns; No U.S. bank will grant him loans; interfering with the Post Office; As President, takes responsibility for nothing.

Major Paul F. Howard



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