Endorsement: Re-elect State Rep. Tom Morrison in District 54

The Daily Herald Editorial Board
Updated 9/12/2020 7:58 AM

Two years ago, when the Blue Wave was sweeping Republican legislators out of suburban district after suburban district, Thomas R. "Tom" Morrison of Palatine turned back the tide.

That says something about Morrison. Not just about his political skill, but more importantly, about how much respect he has among the constituency in Illinois House District 54.


Some people love Morrison's brand of conservatism. Some are less enamored. But most are impressed by his fundamental honesty, his affability and his courage. He never dodges an argument or a debate, and we've yet to see him hold a grudge.

Maggie Trevor, a marketing research consultant from Rolling Meadows, lost to Morrison by an eyelash two years ago, and she's back in what should be another close race.

She's a good candidate in many respects, but all you need to know about her is this answer to a question about whether it's time to replace House Speaker Michael Madigan: "I cannot commit to voting for or against Speaker Madigan for a new term until I know who else is running for speaker, and until we learn more from these ongoing investigations (linked to him)."

Everyone knows enough about Madigan now to be either for him or against him. To try to carve out middle ground where it doesn't exist suggests a lack of independence at a time when independence is sorely needed in Springfield.

Which brings us back to Morrison. Agree or disagree with him, you never have to guess where he stands. He doesn't equivocate. And he gets our endorsement.

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