End stall tactics on ethics reform

Updated 9/8/2020 9:41 AM

Just in the past year, four Illinois legislators have either been indicted or charged for crimes ranging from bribery to ghost payrolling and federal tax evasion. Additionally, arguably the most powerful individual in the state legislature, Speaker Madigan, is involved in an ongoing federal investigation into possibly the largest bribery scheme in state government history, yet Democrats continue to stall on addressing ethics reform measures.

The need for ethics reform in Illinois isn't a new idea. In fact, in the 101st General Assembly alone, our caucus has filed eight bills targeting corruption -- the Democratic leadership has refused to consider any of them.


Additionally, the Joint Commission on Ethics and Lobbying Reform, tasked with developing a legislative package to address ethics issues, hasn't met since March 5 despite our continued calls to resume meetings.

The stall tactics being played by Democrats are exactly what we feared months ago during the 2019 Fall Veto Session, when they decided to create this commission rather than take up real reform measures. Senate Republicans made a strong push for ethics reform but left Springfield with only the creation of this commission as a result. Democrats used its formation as a stall tactic back then, and now, they continue the same strategy -- kicking the can down the road and delaying any sort of progress.

There is no reason why we continue to delay the people's work on this issue, especially as several other committees and commissions have been meeting for months. This commission can meet and can do so now. Given the current climate of corruption, the public deserves no less.

Sen. Dan McConchie, Hawthorn Woods

Sen. John Curran, Downers Grove

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