Don't waste your vote

Updated 7/24/2020 2:27 PM

I am in total agreement with Ken Simpson's thoughts on July 17 with regard to Ed Murnane's July 10 op-ed indicating his decision to again write-in a candidate on Nov. 3 who has no possible chance to win.

Now is not the time to "make a statement" or be complacent about the importance of this election. Too many people felt this way in 2016, thinking there was no way Trump was going to win because they believed the polls.


They couldn't bring themselves to vote for Hillary, so they either chose not to vote or voted for someone who had absolutely no chance of winning.

If you truly believe Donald Trump should not be president, then you may have to hold your nose and vote for the one person who can beat him.

Don't waste your vote on someone who can't win. Four years of Joe Biden can't be worse for our country than another four years of Trump. And, hopefully, in 2024, we will have strong, viable candidates (under 70 years of age) from which to choose.

Diane Hecht

Arlington Heights

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