Science-based solutions to a science-based crisis

Updated 7/14/2020 12:03 PM

Societies thrive with intellectual superiority, technology and ingenuity. Societies weaken when they reject science, facts and logic.

Today we face problems that are science based and need leadership that can assess and solve technical problems.


COVID-19 is a science-based problem. It can be mitigated with testing, vaccine development and public acceptance and awareness.

Meanwhile, our current president: delayed the pandemic response and called it a hoax for months; consistently mocks the wearing of masks even though they have been proven to reduce the spread; suggested inane solutions such as ingesting bleach; promoted ineffective solutions such as hydroxychloroquine; and stockpiled 6 million doses of the same ineffective hydroxychloroquine.

On June 23 Trump confirmed that he instructed his team to slow down the testing so that it would appear that fewer people had the disease. Trump's anti-science response to the pandemic has caused the U.S. to have 25% of the cases even though we represent only 4% of the global population.

None of this is reasonable, acceptable or safe.

Clearly we need to remove Trump from the world's most empowered position.

We also need to ensure that others in government can apply data and science-based solutions. Fortunately, in our area we are represented by science-based congressional representatives like Sean Casten (biochemical engineer), Raja Krishnamoorthi (mechanical engineer), and Lauren Underwood (nurse.)

The expertise of individuals with science backgrounds can help our government drive the solutions we need.

Rocco Thomas Venuto


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