Embrace common sense reforms of police

Updated 6/30/2020 8:30 AM

I'm posting this to counter some of the hyperbolic statements put forth by those who have always had or have recently developed an anti-cop bias. "Cops are out hunting young black men" and "cops are always looking to use their weapons on black suspects" are just two of the statements I have heard since the death of George Floyd. Now we are seeing the series "Cops" taken off the air along with a cartoon series which features a police dog as a cop. Are these series being canceled because they show police activities in a positive light? I wonder.

I suspect the George Floyd killing will result in some much-needed reforms, and I believe the majority of police officers will embrace the reforms. But implementing measures while passions are inflamed will likely produce some very bad results. Cutting funding or defunding police departments or allowing protesters to establish cop-free zones will negatively impact those who most need the protection of the police.


The overwhelming number of police officers in this country do their jobs in a professional and compassionate manner. Most go their entire careers without unholstering their weapons. Many will be first on the scene of accidents to witness the mangled remains of people who moments before resembled their own family members. Murders, rapes, child abuse are for them, just another day at the office. Traffic stops are routine until one is not and in an instant that police officer becomes another name on the Wall of Honor.

So, let's all mourn the death of George Floyd and other similar victims and let us support common sense reforms. But in doing so, let's not tie the hands of our police officers to the extent that their safety or ability to perform their job is compromised.

David Carrell

Campton Hills

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